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Established in 2015 as an online shisha enthusiast community, Hookah UNLIMITED became renowned as The Premier Source of Unbiased Hookah Knowledge

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Grigo Shooter Bowl Hookah UNLIMITED shisha
Grigo Shooter Bowl Hookah UNLIMITED shisha
Grigo Shooter Bowl
Grigo Shooter Bowl

Grigo Shooter Bowl

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Grigo Tobacco, from Dubai, brings you the Shooter Bowl, the first model to be sold in the US!  With its unique design and beautiful glaze, this medium sized bowl is designed to make your sessions easier to heat manage, offering substantial stability, while maximizing flavor and large cloud production due to its well-shaped internal bowl design and thick clay walls.  An excellent all-arounder that doesn’t use up excessive amount of shisha. 

  • Compatible with Kaloud Lotus 
  • Great with foil only
  • Compatible with Provost
  • ~28g @ Dense Pack/ 14g @ Fluff Pack
  • Recommended with Standard and Performance Blondes, as well as all Darkleaf shisha tobacco 


*please note that colors/patterns may vary from photos shown*



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