AOT Bowl

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The original "Unbreakable" and "Metal Bowl" has a huge secret: it's actually a high performance large bowl, taking exactly 31g of tobacco at a Dense Pack to rim.  What makes it high performance? It miraculously delivers consistent 5hr sessions using only those 31g when packed optimally and using High Performance Shisha Brands.

Featuring a unique orb shaped silicone sleeve over a non-stick coated aluminum body, this bowl will last you years of regular use without any worry.  The designers were careful to consider, even, the conductive capability of aluminum and integrated grooves on the sidewall of the rim of the AOT bowl, which allow for cold-air to get pulled in and stabilize the internal bowl temperature and keeping it from spiking in heat - something all other metal bowls have not bothered to address.

Amazing for long sessions, group sessions, and for travel! 

Especially compatible with all Performance Shisha Brands