Nirvana 100g

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The Cult Star of the Medwakh family, Nirvana takes the concept of shisha tobacco to new heights by infusing Dokha with pure American Virginia Flu Cured Blonde Leaf.  With a super fine cut which allows you to pack optimally with ease, Nirvana is the definition of a hookah connoisseur's tobacco.  With its striking buzz, silky clouds, unique flavor concoctions, and wild flavor names; it's no wonder why it captured the hearts of many enthusiasts!  As with all Medwakh-family of flavorings, Nirvana appeals to a more mature and refined palate.

  • Estimated Session Time: 2-2.5hr using ~15g
  • Recommended Pack: Semi-Dense Slight-Underpack
  • Recommended Bowl: Alpaca Mini Rook
  • Recommended HMD: AOT Provost