Alpaca Apache Bowl (Medium)

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The Apache Medium is arguably the most unique bowl by Alpaca Bowls, featuring a world-first Diffused Spire design.  Due to its sturdy neck and thicker walls, this bowl accentuates flavor like no other on the market.  Rated for cloud output as well, this bowl is compatible with any tobacco brand on the market.  If you're looking for next level sessions, the Apache Medium is for you.  

- note; when packing do not cover the spire with shisha. instead, pack it like you would a conventional phunnel bowl (the trench only).


  • Compatible with Kaloud Lotus 
  • Great with foil only
  • Recommended with Provost
  • 28-30g @ Dense Pack/ 14-15g @ Fluff Pack


*please note that colors/patterns may vary from photos shown*

  • Cocoa Sakura: Chocolate Cream over Pink
  • Blud Aqua: Crimson Pink over Teal
  • Tan Unicorn: Tan over White with Blue/Pink Tint
  • Skyfall Sakura: Sky Blue over Pink