Alpaca Mini Rook

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Winner of the UNLTD Awards 2020 - Best Shisha Bowl

The Alpaca Mini Rook is the smallest size offering of the Alpaca Rook series of bowls.  Named after its grooved spire which resembles a Rook chess piece, the Mini Rook has been hailed as the most versatile performance bowl on the market, and has held that title for half a decade.  This bowl allows you to pack any brand or tobacco type and offers a high tobacco-used-to-session-longevity ratio.  A must have for any hookah enthusiast!

Compatible with Kaloud Lotus - match the slits on the bottom of the Lotus to the circumference of the Mini Rook's rim

  • Great with foil only
  • Recommended with Provost
  • 22g @ Dense Pack/ 11g @ Fluff Pack

 *please note that colors/patterns may vary from photos shown*

  • Sakura Drip: Blud Pink Splatter over Dirty Cream over Cappuccino 
  • Peach Unicorn: Pink over White with Blue/Pink Tint
  • Aqua Blanc: Blue/Green over White
  • Oilspill: Dirty Cream over Cappuccino
  • Tan Unicorn: Tan over White with Blue/Pink Tint