Alpaca Suri

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The Alpaca Suri Bowl features a unique internal bowl shape specifically designed to allow you to Dense Pack easily.  Perfect with those who have trouble with Tangiers sessions, the thicker clay body aids in stabilizing heat spikes for improved heat management for those who are just beginning their journey into Dark Leaf Tobacco.  Excellent with all Performance Dark Leaf brands including Trifecta Dark.

  • Recommended with Provost HMD
  • Compatible with Foil Only set ups
  • Compatible with Lotus-type HMD's
  • 18-20g @ Dense Pack / 8-10g @ Fluff Pack

*please note that colors/patterns may vary from photos shown*

  • Grass Top Hill: Grassy Green over Cappuccino
  • Blud Drop Sakura: Blud Pink Splatter over Pink
  • Tan Unicorn: Tan drip over White with Pink/Blue Tint