Hoob SubAtom Series BLACK

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The masters at Hoob bring you one of the most revolutionary and mini/portable hookahs ever made. Aluminum, Stainless, and Acrylic construction, this mini is the new Beast. And the Series Black delivers it in a luxurious Black & Gold color scheme with real gold flakes in the acrylic base.  Quality you can see and feel make it incredible at its price range. Featuring the Hoob Magnetic Lock system which allows fast and comfortable dismantling and preparation of your hookah put an end to the necessity of grommets or o-rings found in similar mini hookahs.  It's no wonder why we have one at our desk at UNLTD HQ!

Standard bowl and hose ports allow you to use any set up of your choice.

  • ~5" tall
  • Comes complete with matching Hoob Slim Hose
  • Extra O-rings, Purge Ball, and Magnet


  • Recommended Water Level: 0.7cm above the highest set of holes of the downstem