Union Sleek Crackle

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Winner for Best Hookah of the Hookah UNLIMITED Awards for 2018-2020, The Union Sleek offers beautiful aesthetics and big performance for a reasonable price.

Message from Union: "The Sleek model is our first hookah. Hookah "for all the money".  Aesthetics, tactile sensations, usability - we tried to achieve the maximum in every aspect, keeping within a reasonable budget"

The Crackle features a wooden sleeve with artificial cracks to offer a more vintage look.


- Made In Russia

- Stainless Steel internals, tray, bowl port, and downstem

- Delrin heart

- Massively open purge

- Open yet crisp draw 

- Tube inner diameter: 11mm

- Saucer diameter: 200 mm

- Shaft total height: 488 mm


Stem, Hose Handle, and Tray

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