Haze Tobacco 250g

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Haze Tobacco, currently manufactured in Poland, was the definitive reason the entire classification of Performance Blonde Leaf was created.  Flaunting exceptional flavor preservation, cloud output, and bright and beautifully executed flavor profiles, it was ahead of its time when they revamped their product line back in 2015.  5 years later they took an already incredible product and put it on steroids sparking new interest in the brand due to its incredible flavors and performance.  Haze remains the only blonde leaf shisha tobacco that is perfectly compatible with Tangiers.

  • Expected Session Time: 2.5hrs using 15g
  • Recommended Pack: Heavy Normal Pack to Rim
  • Recommended Bowl:  Alpaca Symphony, Suri, Apache Medium, Mini Rook.
  • Recommended HMD: AOT Provost