Starbuzz Tobacco 250g

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Proudly made in California, Starbuzz Tobacco revolutionized Shisha flavoring upon its launch in 2005.  Taking the traditional concept of flavoring to a whole new level, Starbuzz specialized in, what we call today, Pre-Mixed flavors.  They introduced unique and interesting flavor concoctions that pleased the palate in a way never before experienced for its time.  And, in doing so, captured multiple generations of Hookah lovers.  As customary at Hookah UNLTD, we've hand selected the objective best flavors from Starbuzz Exotic's 100+ flavor roster.  Starbuzz finished second as Best Introductory Blonde Leaf for the UNLTD Awards 2020!

  • Expected Session Time - 1:45 using 15g
  • Recommended Pack: Semi-Fluff to Rim
  • Recommended Bowl:  Goodfella Bowl and Shallow Rook
  • Recommended HMD: Kaloud Lotus L+