Othmani 100g

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Othmani is a all natural Standard Blonde Leaf line by Medwakh.  Like it's dokha-infused sister, Nirvana, it has a distinctly cult following mainly composed of American hookah enthusiasts who fell in love with its robust, smooth-smoking, yet masterfully complex flavor combinations.  Othamni, with its medium-fine cut Virginian Flu Cured Blonde leaf, entices a mature smoker's palate.  Manufactured in the Old Way, completely by hand - from grinding and cutting the leaves to the final steps of flavoring and casing - right here in the USA.  

  • Expected Session Time: 1hr45min using 15g
  • Recommended Pack: Light Normal Pack
  • Recommended Bowl: Alpaca Shallow Rook, Apache Medium, Mini Rook
  • Recommended HMD: AOT Provost or Kaloud Lotus L+