Trifecta Blonde 250g

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Hitting the market in 2017 as a grass roots enthusiast brand and available in two types (Blonde and Dark), Trifecta Tobacco quickly became classified as a Top Tier Performance Blonde Leaf as it captured the hearts of the vast majority of online shisha enthusiasts.  With its potent flavors, long lasting sessions, and smooth smoking tobacco its no wonder why.  Experience the best of their selection, hand-picked just for you.

Winner of the UNLTD Awards 2020 - Best Performance Blonde Leaf
Winner of the UNLTD Awards 2019 & 2020 Best Flavor - Peppermint Shake
Winner of the UNLTD Awards 2020 - Best of The Best
  • Expected Session Time: 2.5hrs @ 15g
  • Recommended Pack: Semi-Fluff Plus, Slight Underpack
  • Recommended Bowl: Alpaca Mini Rook, Apache Medium
  • Recommended HMD: AOT Provost