Steamulation Prime Pro X

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The Steamulation Prime Pro X is the little brother to the legendary Pro X II.  Due to its compact design, top notch quality, and many integrated functions, this is the only Small Hookah to achieve the Masterclass classification.

This is the most sophisticated engineering in any Hookah to date:

  • Steamulation Purge Control - allows you to choose whether you want your Prime Pro X to purge upwards or downwards!
  • Steamulation Flow Control - gives you the freedom to choose how open or restricted your hookah is by adjusting the built-in hose adapter.
  • Steamulation Downstem Control - allows you to change the length of your downstem easily as you adjust the settings of your Pro X II specifically to your preferences.
  • Steamulation Integrated Diffuser - this built in open-end diffuser allows you to control the level of diffusion at will.


1 standard stainless hose adapter

1 Prime Pro X Stem

1 Prime Pro X Base

Certificate of Authenticity

Instruction Manual

  • Recommended Water Level:
  • with Diffuser: 1cm above the highest row of holes
  • without Diffuser: 2cm above the end of the downstem