Alpaca Shallow Rook

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The big brother of the legendary Mini Rook, The Alpaca Shallow Rook is an excellent bowl for more inexperienced enthusiasts who want a wider bowl, which aids in easier packing of the bowl.  This in-between medium and large bowl allows for convenience, is compatible with Lotus-type HMD's and HRD's yet doesn't use up as much Shisha as others in its category.  Excellent heat retention and wide open draw allows for easy heat management while maximizing smoothness and session longevity.

  • Recommended with Lotus set ups
  • Compatible with Provost
  • Compatible with Foil
  • 35g @ Dense Pack / 16g @ Fluff Pack

 *please note that colors/patterns may vary from photos shown*

  • Grass Top Hill: Grassy Green over Cappuccino
  • Purp&Blvk: Purple Drip over Black
  • Blud Drip Aqua: Blud Pink Splatter over Cream over Aquamarine